Abstract: SLAM stands for the acronym Simultaneous Localization And Mapping. It is a solution to the mapping problem for a mobile robot moving in an unknown indoor environment. Here we are trying to solve this problem in a relatively easy and cost e?ective way by using an ultrasonic sensor. While a robot enters into an unknown environment the ?rst problem it face is that it doesnt know anything about the particular environment ie, in which direction it should proceed and is there any obstacle. So at ?rst the robot senses its environment in an angle of 180 degree using its ultrasonic sensor which is mounted on a servo motor, which uses a time of ?ight principle. After sensing the environment for obstacles, for the rotation motion if necessary, we use a wheel sensor. All the updation of landmarks and rotation conditions are controlled by the program in the microcontroller. For mapping we use simple X-Y coordinates which is done in MATLAB which will be obtained as the output on PC with the help of BLUETOOTH as an interface with microcontroller.

Keywords: SLAM, Human surveillance, Landmarks, wheeled-indoor robot, Navigation.