Abstract: In the so perfect world of stillness, the objects around us are like a perfect model. A baby sleeping in her cradle may look very still, a house’s roof which looks so straight but in reality they have slight deviations from their perfect stillness and straightness. There are observations where we can see subtle deviations produced due to the environment in and around us, while it is invisible to our naked eye making it unable to reveal this information in real time. In the proposed procedure, the Eulerian approach is used to reveal subtle motion with respect to time of an object which cannot be noticed through our naked eye, like a pulse due to the pumping of heart. Here we follow an algorithm where every pixel is monitored for variations and then it exaggerates those differences. The differences include color as well as the motion with respect to the phase position.

Keywords: pulse; monitoring; eulerian; image processing; magnification; non-contact.