Abstract: 22 MIMO Radio over Fiber system with OFDM modulation at 60 GHz is presented in this paper. 60-GHz technology is considered as a best solution for multi Gb/s applications because of the wide 7 GHz spectrum.4 QAM and 16 QAM modulation system is employed and transmitted over 25 km and received with data rate upto69Gb/s. Optical coupler is utilised to implement the 22 MIMO system.Also the optical carrier was recovered fromthe millimetre wave produced for Full Duplex application .Eye diagrams and constellations are used to evaluate theefficiency of the system.

Keywords: radio-over-fiber (RoF),Full Duplex system, Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO),OrthogonalFrequency -Division Multiplexing (OFDM).