Abstract: Robotic arms are widely used for industrial robotics and automation. The robotic arm exactly mimic the motions of the human arm. Human-robot controlled interfaces provides services to people with special needs such as elderly, people with impairments or people with disabilities. This project aims at developing a movable robotic arm that is controlled by the EMG signals taken from the muscles of the upper limb. Using these EMG signals, the interface between user and the robotic arm can be controlled. The system consists of arm control part and an accelerometer controlled car that bears the arm. The operator can control the arm motions using the arm control part. The microcontroller is used to generate signals to control the mechanical arm based on the EMG input signals. The accelerometer controlled car is used for the movement of the arm so that the arm can pick up and manipulate objects at a distance. The arm motions of the operator can be estimated with a high degree of accuracy using the EMG signals and the manipulator can be controlled smoothly. Parametric sensors like temperature and gaseous sensors are additionally added to the circuit. An LCD display is also added so as to display the recorded values from the temperature and gaseous sensors. The arm can be used for multiple tasks such as bomb diffusion, aid for needy people, surgical purposes etc.

Keywords: Accelerometer, Automation, Electromyography (EMG), LCD display, Mechanical arm, Microcontroller, Mimic, Movable, Parametric sensor, Robotic arm, Servo motor.