Abstract: Irrigation is need of farmer to save water resource and need to use in minimum quantity because it is not a conversational resource. Agricultural sector uses maximum water in world. Due to its immense use water is vanishing day by day. Irrigation is one solution to this problem as it saves large amount of water. In traditional irrigation method water is sometimes over supplied or less supplied to the crop. So it is hard to take a decision to save water and get maximum profit from the field. This traditional method requires manual intervention. It creates a need of more labor work and maintenance. Thus maintaining a good irrigation system is a necessity in today’s water scarcity environment. Hence a new system which makes the irrigation fully automated is being proposed. In our proposed automated system the temperature of irrigation field is being measured by a temperature sensor and based on the sensed value the crops is being watered. This whole system works all the time without any interruption in the working of our proposed system using uninterruptable power supply.

Keywords: uninterruptable power supply, temperature sensor, Agricultural sector.