Abstract: Power shortage is a major issue in India. As the electric power generation does not satisfy the increasing demand, power shortage occurs, which results in power outage. Presently, the power shortage is managed by supplying power in one area by cutting off power in another area. This will cause a lot of inconvenience for the consumers who are located in the power shutdown area. During summer, the problem would be still worse. We are proposing a solution for this problem using GSM technology. In this project we are reducing the power supply to each consumer thus increasing the number of consumers who are supplied with electricity. For that particular amount of time the consumer can use only the allotted amount of power. The power supply to each consumer can be supervised from the nearby distribution substation. In case, if a consumer is consuming more electricity than that is allotted to him/her, that consumerís load will be cut off from the supply. The consumer has to reduce the load in order to get electricity again. Also, Electricity provider has given a certain power limit for free consumers. But in some places the consumption of free electricity is more than that power limit. In such places this device can be used to continuously monitor the power supply and switch the load off once the load power goes above the allotted value. Also, on implementing this, people will try to replace their old energy hungry devices with new energy efficient devices which will automatically lead to energy sufficiency.

Keywords: Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM), Short Message Service (SMS), Arduino, Current Sensor.