Abstract: The designed In As/ si hetrojunction double gate tunnel FET (H-DGTFET) is a type of tunnel FET which only gives a moderate performance enhancement in MOSFET technology. Through this project we can improve the performance enhancement of In As/Si. For this we analyse the threshold voltage, gate dielectric, channel length. Here the threshold voltage of the device is extracted by using a constant current method. DC characteristics and analog RF performance are investigated for different doping profiles. A highly doped layer is placed in the channel near the source- channel junction, and this decrease the width the depletion region ,which improves the ON-current (Ion) and the RF performance further more we use Tunnel FETs with a high-k gate dielectric which have a smaller threshold voltage shift than those using Sio2,while the threshold slope for fixed values of Vg remains nearly unchanged .here three types of tunnel fets are simulated. homogeneous structure ,heterogeneous structure and pnpn model of tunnelfet are the main three structures. Comparing these structure different doping will give much more current and high performance characteristics. Through this a new novel model of tunnel fet structure has been simulated.

Keywords: homogeneous structure, heterogeneous structure, pnpn tunnel fet model.