Abstract: The paper presents the real time implementation of PIWI, a personal virtual assistant using Artificial Intelligence .The proposed system is based on the free python development tools. The prepared software was tested with Linux operating system running on a small cost SBC called Raspberry Pi. Recently clearing doubts has become a major problem mostly among students .This can be solved by PIWI.PIWI: A SMART TEACHER is a personal virtual assistant that provides answer for the asked query in speech as well as text. PIWI was adapted and implemented for real time applications using Wolfram alpha and Google API. PIWI can answer all general, arithmetic and logical questions. Speech to Text, Text to speech and Shell scripting are the three main technologies used here. Queries are asked to the machine which will convert it into text and will search in internet and find the results regarding the asked queries. Using text to speech converter, the machine can be made to provide answers regarding the queries back in speech. It can be also be displayed. This is the advantage of this project which makes an end to googling, referring, books and browsing. In addition, PIWI can also provide Email services.Sound card, Google API, Raspberry Pi, Python, Wolfram Alpha Search Engine and Shell Scripting are used to work out this project.

Keywords: PIWI, RaspberryPi, Wolfram, SSH, VNC.