Abstract: In the field of human health care, health monitoring system has a great significant role. The health monitoring contributes a wide variety of applications such as hospital, home care unit, sports training and emergency monitoring system. In this work, a wireless biosignal system is designed for health monitoring which integrates both the extracting and monitoring of the biosignal such as ECG, EEG and EMG. The developed integrating system is used for wireless monitoring of patientís biopotential changes of the heart, neuronal activity of the brain and muscles of the body. Dry electrodes, biosignal amplifier and filters are used for the development of this wireless system. The system also allows the continuous monitoring and graphical representation of the health condition of patient on a computer screen, even if the physician is away from the patient. The successful implementation of this wireless system is help to overcome the limitations of wired health monitoring system. Obviously it is a solution to bridging the gap between the doctor and the patients and best to be used on rural areas. Ultimate goal of this paper is to implement a low cost, high efficient wireless system for health monitoring.

Keywords: ECG, EEG, EMG, biosignal, biopotential.