Abstract: We are today in the era in which communication and information sharing has become integral part. Thus more and more technological advancements are coming up. A peer-to-peer network is among them. While sharing any information to another person we first have this thought if our data will be safe with the person or not. Thus, came the concept of securing the data and how significant trust can be. Many trust models have been proposed timely. One among these models is the Self ORganizing Trust (SORT)Model. Even though many attempts are still going on to improvise the calculations, SORT has been able to solve more issues than its contemporaries. We suggest this paper to improvise the existing SORT model accompanied with a hardware concept called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which was introduced by Trusted Computing Group. Since most of the vulnerabilities lie in the software part, it is believed that TPM can withstand such attacks.

Keywords: SORT, TPM, trustworthiness, trusted computing.