Abstract: The intrusion detection is done in the data mining by means of using the clustering technique. Due to the risks of average clustering ways for intrusion detection, I am performing a graph-based intrusion detection algorithm with the aid of utilizing outlier detection ways. Compared to other intrusion detection algorithm of clustering, this algorithm is mindless to preliminary cluster quantity. In the meantime, it is strong within the outlierís detection and capable to notice any shape of cluster alternatively that the circle one best. This paper makes use of graph-based cluster algorithm (GB) to get an initial partition of knowledge set to valid clusters by using an precision parameter. On the other hand, since of this intrusion detection mannequin is cantered on mixed training dataset, so it must have high label accuracy to assurance its efficiency. Hence, in labelling phrase, the algorithm imposes outlier detection algorithm to label the influence of GB algorithm once more. This measure is equipped to reinforce the labelling accuracy.

Keywords: clustering, intrusion detection, anomaly based, graph algorithm, DBSCAN