Abstract: Malware or malicious software refers to software programs designed to damage or do other unwanted actions on a computer system which includes disrupt computer operations, gather sensitive information, gain access to private computer systems, or display unwanted advertising. Smartphones and mobile tablets are rapidly becoming indispensable in daily life. Given their large distribution, and also their capabilities, in the last two years mobile devices have become the main target for attackers . Android, the open source OS introduced by Google, has currently the largest market share, which is greater than 80%.Due to the openness and popularity, Android is the main target of attacks against mobile devices (98.5%), with more than 1 million of malicious apps currently available in the wild . Equipped withthe knowledge of malware’s capabilities, the detection of malware is an area of major concern not only to the research community but also to the general public. This paper focuses on the survey on different categories of malwares, its features and detection techniques.

Keywords: Malwares, Static Analysis, Dynamic Analysis, Security, Android.