Abstract: The tremendous growth of World Wide Web made the world to joined as together. It paved the way to minimize the distance of each other. Even though it provides greater advantages to internet users, the same way it poses great insecurity to information. Web security is an important issue of concern nowadays. Web attacks are increasing day by day. Clickjacking attack is a web framing attack that has recently received wide media coverage. In a clickjacking attack, the attacker creates a malicious page such that it tricks into clicking on an element of a page that is only barely visible. It redresses the users click for malicious purposes. By stealing userís click, they force the users to perform unintended actions, thus posing a significant threat to the Internet users. Although clickjacking attack has been the matter of discussion and disturbing reports, it is currently unclear what extent it clickjacking is used by attackers. But still, it is a problem incurred by typical internet users. This paper focuses on various clickjacking defenses on different web browsers.

Keywords: Information Security, Web Security, Clickjacking, Web Browser, Web framing attack.