Abstract: 2D barcodes are considered as an interface to connect potential customers and advertisement contents. Due to their crowdie appearance it gives no human readable information before the barcode is successfully decoded. The information content present in a 2D barcode can be delivered via a simple camera phone with a suitable decoding software in it.With the advanced communication principle a picture could be integrated into a 2D barcode called picode is developed, with this idea, a video clip,an image and an audio is integrated into a series of 2D barcode called vicode is also developed. To realise both picode and vicode a new modulation and demodulation schemes are developed and a new decoding scheme known as low density parity check code is used to provide better error rate performance than a traditional 2D barcode. The use of OFDM will increase the speed and accuracy while transmitting the multimedia messages. Picode and Vicode has been implemented in the MATLAB on a PC and it is successfully demonstrated for the real-world applications.

Keywords: 2D barcode, 3D barcode, embedded picture, video and audio, Perceptual quality.