Abstract: Pneumatic energy is the readily available and low cost energy. Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. So the pneumatic energy is considered for our project. In this project compressed air can be produced with the help of to and fro motion of suspension. Then this compressed air is stored in air tank and further utilized in other application the vehicle, such as pneumatic jacks, dense air in air conditions and carburetor with the help of battery operated solenoid valve. Compressed air production using vehicle suspension needs no extra fuel input power to generate the compressed air. This air operated four wheeler is the new innovative concept to run vehicle accessories by using the compressed air system within the vehicle itself. Begins with an introduction to pneumatic it’s various applications and units and briefly explains a few devices capable of utilizing air effectively and their relative merits, we have taken a solenoid valve for showing the pneumatic jack application in prototype. The pneumatic operated vehicle is very useful for drive the four wheel drives suspension. Air is the working substance of our project. The aim of our project is to gives smooth operation and smooth movement for vehicle’s integral part of application. Our project model consists of air tank, suspension, Pneumatic Actuator, solenoid valve and total prototype model.

Keywords: Compressor Air operation, Actuator, Renewable, Solenoid valve.