Abstract: A forest consists of different types of trees, herbs shrubs and other verity of vegetation. In different ways this renewable resource is helpful to man. The most common hazard in forests is forests fire. Forests fires are as old as the forests themselves. This fire seriously damages forest wealth as well as the bio-diversity gets disturbed. Since forest is very important natural resource it has a great impact on environment due to which their early detection is very vital. The aim of our project is to continuously monitoring forest condition, detect ion of forest fire and its position and to inform the forest authority. So that necessary action can be taken immediately in case of fire. The two main modules present in the project are the Monitoring Area Module and the Forest Area Module. This paper gives an importance of wireless sensor technology. The DHT 11 sensors collect the data and transmit to the central unit as well as alert is send via call or message using GSM. It also shows that the Optimized Solar Energy Harvester increases the efficiency to about 90%.

Keywords: GSM, GPS, RF, DHT11,Wireless Sensor Technology.