Abstract: In the present innovative upset power is valuable. So we have to discover the reasons for control misfortune and enhance the influence framework. Because of industrialization the utilization of inductive load increments and thus control framework misfortunes its productivity. So we have to enhance the power factor with an appropriate strategy.At whatever point we are considering any programmable gadgets then the inserted innovation comes into fore front. The installed is presently a day especially mainstream and most the item are produced with Microcontroller implanted technology. Automatic control factor remedy gadget peruses control factor from line voltage and line current by deciding the deferral in the landing of the present flag as for voltage motion from the capacity generator with high precision by utilizing an inward clock. This time esteems are then adjusted as stage point and relating power factor. At that point the qualities are shown in the 2X16 LCD modules. At that point the motherboard ascertains the remuneration prerequisite and appropriately switches on various capacitor banks. This is produced by utilizing 8051 microcontroller. Automatic power factor correction techniques can be applied to the industries, power systems and also house holds to make them stable and due to that the system becomes stable and efficiency of the system as well as the apparatus increases. The use of microcontroller reduces the costs

Keywords: APFC, Apparent power, Capacitor bank, Power factor and Microcontroller.