Abstract: At present the field of science, engineers and technology is so dynamic due to recent improvement in computer and other technologies. The advances in computer field developed such programs to solve our traditional and novel problems of practical life. We can solve our complex problems within a few minutes due to high computational abilities, accuracy of computer based programs. For electrical people there are many software programs are currently used in academia to design and analyse different kinds of electrical circuits and models. The main objectives of this project is to find out transmission line fault, overload, unbalanced and power theft using LabVIEW software. Initially we have a balanced circuit then by using relays we will show unbalanced and overload condition and finally how power theft can be detected is also shown in our project. We collect current and voltage values from circuit to computer through data acquisition(DAQ) hardware which digitalises the analog values. This way we can acquire data if any fault occurs it will be displayed on the computer screen.

Keywords: LabVIEW, DAQ, Unbalanced, power theft, unbalanced.