Abstract: With the day to day advancements in technology, the interaction between the human and the digital world is diminishing. The main aim of this project is to work with accelerometer sensors and translate the motion or the tilt of the hand into various applications in virtual world. The advancement of technology in the field of wireless made it possible for any applications. Gesture based operation of electrical appliances is becoming increasingly desired technology. Here we are using accelerometer sensor in order to translate the hand motions or tilts into virtual world. The most commonly used hand motion control in a computer is that of a mouse. The mouse will be a hand mounted device. Appropriate gestures, such as hand swipes in which we will be wearing the accelerometer sensor and other interfacing devices as a virtual mouse, are a safer and faster way to control the device.

Keywords: Components, Accelerometer Sensor, Gestures, Zigbee transceiver, ARM-7 microcontroller, LCD Display, Power Supply.