Abstract: In many countries food wastage is big issue in hotels and restaurant. The project Food Management System is implemented to reduce the manual work and enhances the accuracy of work in a restaurant and reduce the wastage of food .This system manages and maintains the record of customers and wastage of food and donorís record. We propose to build a software project that can efficiently handle and manage various activities of a restaurant and all these activities will be happening under the administrator. This project is designed with full consideration to users in an easy manner without any unnecessary wastage of time. The product aims at satisfying the requirements of needy organizations through donations over the net. It provides information about the motivation to come up with such an application, thereby describing the existing donation system and how the proposed product works for the betterment of society. The product is shown to be an effective means of donating things to organizations, etc. over the internet. It shows the potential for avoiding the wastage of food.

Keywords: Geo Fencing, QR code.