Abstract: The goal of E-Agriculture is to enhance agricultural in addition to rural improvement by using various facts and verbal exchange techniques. The inspiration to use full-fledged potential of ICTs for agriculture capability building, and marketing has existed for a long time. It's far just most currently the dissemination of records started out harnessing ICTs extra efficaciously for better provider delivery to the farmers. ICT has increased sharing of knowledge from various sessions over radio talks and TV castings have stimulated agricultural improvements at some stage in the United States. We've got 29 States and seven Union Territories 644 District, 5,924 sub-districts, 6,50,244 villages and sixty eight.84% of the Indian populace is inhabitated in rural areas as in step with the 15th Indian Census 2011. In this paper, we've got mentioned different factors of E-Agriculture within the Indian context.

Keywords: E-Agriculture; GDP; Communication Technologies.