Abstract: In all the cities or societies the water is supplied by the municipal corporations. Still, there are certain cities where the water supply is done manually by the operator. The operator opens the valve for a particular period of time and the water is being supplied to all the houses. The water supply is provided at a fixed flow rate. Certain consumers/users draw excess water by connecting motor-pump sets to the water lines which is considered as water theft. Also issues occur when the user requires additional water in his tank, but the water supplied to the houses is at fixed timings of the day. To solve the above issues we came up with this idea of developing an embedded system for monitoring the water supply system. In this project, we are developing an embedded based remote water monitoring and theft prevention system by recording the flow rates at the consumer/user end. To implement the proposed water supply system, each consumer end should be provided with a web-based application consisting of various options for the user to record the flow rate using a level sensor(ultrasonic sensor) and to transmit the same to a remote monitoring station using IoT and it is also provided with an electrically operated solenoid valve to supply water to the consumers. The valve turns on/off by the central processing unit Raspberry Pi to stop the water supply whenever the flow rate exceeds a predefined limit. Also the user has the option to request for additional water whenever required. This eases up the task both of the operator as well as the user.

Keywords: Water Supply System; IOT; Water Level Sensor; Flow Sensor; Turbidity Sensor; Raspberry Pi; Moisture Sensor.