Abstract: In our country 6% of people are visually impaired person and 2.78% of people are not able to speak. The vision and voice are the major defect for these two persons. Sign way of communication indicates sign languages used by dumb person. Sign language is the language of communication for deaf and dumb people. Most of these physically impaired communities are dependent on sign language translators to express their thoughts to rest of the world. This causes isolation of these people in society. Hence, Sign language recognition is one of the most growing fields of research today. A sign language is composed of various gestures formed by physical movement of body parts i.e. hand, arms or facial expressions. In this project, a method is proposed that makes the use of hand gestures for recognition of indian sign language. Hand gesture recognition system provides us an innovative, natural, user friendly way of interaction with the computer which is more familiar to the human beings. The communication between the dumb and visually impaired person are made only by their expressions and their hand gestures. This project presents various methods of hand gesture and sign language recognition for blind and dumb person.

Keywords: Gesture recognition, sign language, Image processing technique.