Abstract: Many areas of the world get affected by natural calamity. Disasters are unstoppable and leave behind a great loss of life. Disasters like earthquake, floods, etc. cause mass destruction and often lives get buried or trapped in debris. In such situations detection by rescue workers becomes time consuming and due to the vast area that gets affected it becomes more difficult. In this system, we are proposing a human detection quad-copter which can detect alive humans in debris so that timely help can be made available to the victims. The proposed alive human being detection system contains Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) which gives the information about the presence of alive human body. Radio Frequency Technology is used to control the quad-copter. ATMEGA8A microcontroller will give an alerting message to the rescue operator of the affected sites and they will give proper rescue to the affected victims. In disaster sites, it will be a great help to rescuers in detection of more alive human beings at the proper time. This system is also user friendly, economical, semi-autonomous and efficient for detection.

Keywords: PIR sensor, ATMEGA8A microcontroller, quad-copter, Brushless DC motor, Buzzer, RF transmitter and receiver.