Abstract: In the present day scenario, many times we see that the garbage bins or dust bin are placed at public placed in the cities are overflow due to increase in the waste every day. It creates unhygienic condition for the peoples and creates bad smell around the surroundings this leads in spreading some deadly diseases and human illness , to avoid such a attenuation we are planning to design “GSM based garbage monitoring system for smart cities” .In this proposed system there are multiple dustbins located throughout the city or the campus ,these dustbins are provided with low cost embedded device which helps in tracking level of garbage bins and an unique ID will be provided for every dustbin in the city so that it is easy to identify which garbage bin is full. When the level reaches threshold limits ,the device will transmit the level along with unique ID provided. These details can be accessed by the concern authorities from their place with the help of GSM and an immediate action can be made to clean the dustbins.

Keywords: GSM, Ultrasonic sensor, Arduino, LCD.