Abstract: The GSM innovation is utilized with the goal that the shopper would get messages about the utilization of energy (in watts) and in the event that it achieves the base sum, it would consequently caution the purchaser to energize. This innovation holds useful for all power dispersion organizations, private groups, IT parks and self-containing lodging ventures. The execution of this paper will help in better vitality administration, protection of vitality and furthermore in getting rid of the superfluous problems over wrong charging. The computerized charging framework will monitor the constant utilization and will leave little extension for contradiction on utilization and billing. A plan of power charging framework called "prepaid vitality meter with duty pointer" can encourage in enhanced trade stream administration out vitality utilities and can diminishes issue related with charging customer living in detached territory and lessens sending of labor for taking meter readings.

Keywords: ULN2003, relay, LDR, energy meter, ARM 7, GSM.