Abstract: The E-Learning has become matured learning paradigm with the advent of web based learning and content management tools, and shifted the focus of entire world from instructor centric learning paradigm to learner centric approach. The Web Mining plays a very important role for the E-learning systems. In personalized E-Learning system, user customizes the learning environment based on personal choices. In a general search process, a hyperlink which is having maximum number of hits will get displayed first. For making a personalized system history of every user need to be saved in the form of user logs. The proposed system provides a new approach with combination of web usage mining, HIT algorithm and web content mining. It combines hits results on user logs and web page contents with a clustering algorithm called as Lingo clustering algorithm. In this paper, we will describe an approach aiming to achieve personalization in e-Learning services using web usage and Content mining. This paper discusses about the benefits and usefulness of web mining in e-learning.

Keywords: Web usage mining; web content mining; web personalization; e-learning system, Lingo; HITS.