Abstract: CONTROLLER Area Network (CAN)-based networked system. In these systems, the network is the central information hub, on which time critical data are transmitted. CAN provides an inexpensive, durable network that helps multiple CAN devices communicate with one another. An advantage to this is that electronic control units (ECUs) can have a single CAN interface rather than analog and digital inputs to every device in the system. This decreases overall cost and weight in automobiles. An energy efficient clustering algorithm with optimum parameters is designed for reducing the energy consumption and prolonging the system lifetime. Here we approach an Energy Efficient Clustering Mechanism (EECM) with Firefly algorithm. And also present a Cluster key Management for secure transmission in WSN. A Firefly Algorithm (FA) is a recent nature inspired optimization algorithm that simulates the flash pattern and characteristics of fireflies. Clustering is a popular data analysis technique to identify homogeneous groups of objects based on the values of their attributes. And we propose an efficient Cluster Key Management (CKM) scheme for secure communication in dynamic WSNs characterized by node mobility. The CKM supports efficient key updates when a node leaves or joins a cluster and ensures forward and backward key secrecy. We plan to improve the performance of the proposed security protocol with an implementation of the encryption to optimize our security technology. And demonstrated it through simulation experiments.

Keywords: CAN, ECU, CKM, EECM.