Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of a nation, in India the majority of the population mainly depends on agriculture as their main source of income. Some of the major crops grown in India are rice, wheat, maize, jowar etc. In developing countries like India, the increasing standard of living in society leads to high expectation of food products having high quality and healthy standards because of these reasons there is a demand for finding accurate, fast and objective methods to determine the quality of food grains. The capability to identify and describing features of rice grains for identification is desirable so that problems such as fraudulent adulteration and mislabelling of rice grain varieties can be identified and eliminated. This paper presents a solution for identifying different varieties of rice grains on visual features hence can be very fast, inexpensive and it also explores the possibility of determining the quality of the rice grains by using texture features. Commercially identification of rice grains is done by using biological methods (DNA technique etc...) and chemical methods (alkaline tests etc...) for the identification of rice grain seed varieties and quality. The methods used are very expensive and very time consuming. On the other hand the machine vision or the digital image processing is a non-destructive method, it is very fast and inexpensive process compared to the biological methods.

Keywords: Rice grains, mislabelling, identification, machine vision.