Abstract: Current age is an age of e-commerce, every business wants to become online, as customers are preferring online purchasing and online product information. we cannot be sure which platform a user will be using for browsing e-commerce website. There are different platforms to browse internet ranging from PC, notebook, tablet, iPhone, iPad to mobile phones. Recently, mobile device and computer screen designers have been trying to provide users with qualified web-browsing but this hasnít been able to afford adequately usersí needs that are exposed to traditional website layouts. we believe that it is also important to explore and discuss how to provide a fluent and consistent user experience for the same webpage across various devices. Therefore, there is a need to switch to Responsive Web Design which is capable of reshaping itself depending on various screen sizes and resolutions from largest screen sizes to smallest on mobile devices. In this paper, the authors will explore how to improve user experience fluency for the same webpage across various devices with responsive web design.

Keywords: Responsive Web Design, e-commerce, Features of Responsive Web Design.