Abstract: This paper represent the working system of Residential Society Management with the help of Android application. It makes the working in the society simple and efficient. As we know there is an increase in population and also the residential society complexes. Generally in various Residential society’s communication regarding activities takes place through traditional means of communication like meeting in person or notices displayed on board. This may lead to improper conveying of information due to missing of transparency. To avoid such complexes and to manage day to day society functions an automatic detailed generation of these tasks is required Society management system reduces the complexes that occur within the society by providing facilities such as maintenance generation details,, permanent and rental flats details, complaint forum ,society meeting details ,events of society etc. It generates all the activities that occur within the society and makes it easy for the members of the society an easy access to the society happenings and updates.

Keywords: Society Management, android, database, events, maintenance generation, Residential society, emergency contacts, transparency.