Abstract: A remote real-time Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration monitoring system is developed, in such a way that it will utilize less memory and less processing configuration so as to have better results as compared with the others work on high memory with high processing power. The remote real-time CO2 monitoring system consist of monitoring equipment and clients PC and concern system based on technology of wireless sensor network. The monitoring equipment collects air environmental information. The CPU automatically stores the collected data and displays on the LCD display module in real-time. The GPRS module continuously transmits the collected information to the clients PC. The resulted solution provides the possibility of logging measurements from locations all over the world and of visualizing and analyzing the gathered data from any device connected to the Internet. This work encompasses the complete solution, a cyber physical system, starting from the physical level, consisting of sensors and the communication protocol, and reaching data management and storage at the cyber level. The experimental results show that the proposed system represents a viable and straightforward solution for environmental and ambient monitoring applications.

Keywords: CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).