Abstract: Population diagnosis system in Hadoop is a project developed with Apache HIVE, an abstraction of Map reduces. Population diagnosis system provides an introduction to the key concepts and methods required for population analysis. The system will describe the vital of population change and enable people to learn basic methods for measuring population structure and the determinants of population size and change. The system will also provide an introduction to population projections and describe and evaluate how demographic data are collected and used. Prominence is placed on the understanding and elucidation of statistic data, as well as methods of population analysis. The data what you are going to analyze is an semi-structured data. After uploading their data to cluster anyone can access them again provided they got to be in the cluster or can also use virtual machines that contain the right software to analyze them without any need for conversion.

Keywords: Apache Hadoop-1.2.1,Apache hive-0.12.0,Population Diagnosis System, My SQL.