Abstract: Nowadays, many researchers proposed algorithms based on the combination of visual cryptography method with the aim of high secure secrecy, reliability, accuracy and efficiency for the secret message. Visual cryptography provides high security with less computation when comparative with other methods. The proposed system takes any image which is to be shared secretly. This image is encrypted using a key given by the user. Further, the encrypted image is divided into N different shares using K N Secret Sharing Algorithm. These N shares can be distributed but, the end user needs only K of these shares to generate the original image. After the original image is generated it is still in encrypted form. AES Cryptographic techniques is to protect the image. The image is encrypted using AES algorithm encoding schema has been proposed to convert the key into shares based on Visual Secret Sharing. The key which is used to encrypt the image originally is now required again to decrypt it, thus providing an additional level of security.

Keywords: AES, Visual Cryptography, Image Encryption.