Abstract: The primary goal of this research and development project is to develop an automatic pick and place robot for material handling systems. This automatic pick and place robot integrates object detection with the pick and place process whereby the detection of an object would power the object gripper; kick starting the pick and place process. With the objective of creating a user friendly and affordable system, the developed model high significantly demonstrates the use of technology in material handling systems. There are many different types of pick and place systems. Examples include portable material handling systems, industrial manipulators .This pick and place robotic arm with wheel scan be easily moved from one place to another. A pick and place robot manipulator can be used to pick an object and place them in an orderly manner to get a final destination. A pick and place requires little operator and provides maximum output with efficiency. It is widely used in different industry to pick a different material and place in desire location.

Keywords: IR Sensor, DC Motor, Microcontroller, Soft catching Arm gripper.