Abstract: This project is used to cut the wind generator rotor winding in a semiautomatic manner. Nowadays the rotor winding cutting machine where manually hand operated one in medium and large scale industries, due to this the production and income gain by that industry may get less and also it leads to consume huge manpower and more time to complete the process. In order to overcome this issue, the semi-automatic rotor winding cutting machine for wind generator is needed. This machine consists of motors, conveyor bed, blades, switches, lamps, relays, contactors, limit-switches etc., to perform the cutting process. According to the material to be cut, the cutting tool can be changed. This machine can be widely applied in almost all type of production and assembly based industries, because there the cutting process where concerned most important one. Our project prototype model was initially simulated in PLC Ladder Logic by using INDRALOGIC software and further implemented to the industry in Relay Logic mechanism. The machine is exclusively intended for the mass production and they represents faster and in more efficient way to cut the rotor winding for wind generator. The overall system is compact in size, light weight, modular and flexible to be used in small works jobs who need batch production. The setup overall configuration can be adopted by a semi-skilled worker easily and can vary the operations by making certain small changes. This system has the potential to adopt higher level of automation if desired in future.

Keywords: Motors, Gear-Box, Conveyor Bed, Blades, Switches, Lamps, Relays, Limit-Switches.