Abstract: This paper x-rays the various possible deployments of smart micro wireless sensors in industrial applications especially in Nigeria. This paper focuses more on wireless sensor applications in oil & gas industry and agriculture in Nigeria. In Oil & Gas industry, International Oil and Gas Companies (IOCs) have already massively deployed this technology since 2005 to monitor vast oil and gas installations in Nigeria Niger Delta region. In agriculture, these devices can be used in Nigeria to monitor greenhouse temperature conditions for crop growth, in field monitoring to measure temperature, relative humidity and soil moisture to prevent fungi infections and in livestock to detect the pH-value of the rumen of dairy cows as well as monitor movement of cows. Also they can be applied to monitor the micro-climate in the woods. This paper finally identified the several benefits of applying these micro devices as well the key challenges facing their deployment of these devices in the industries in Nigeria. The paper finally suggested some solutions to some of the identified challenges.

Keywords: ICT, WSN, IWSN, wireless sensor, cattle colony, rumen, greenhouse, transducer, oil well, pipeline, sensing, terrestrial, underwater, control, base station, multi-hop, adhoc, IOCs, Nigeria, Niger Delta.