Abstract: In this paper, the design of a coaxial feeding elliptical microstrip patch antenna (MSA) for a device in wireless communication is presented. In this design, the technique of using rectangular and C-shaped slits for the patch has been used in order to improve the parameters of the antenna. The proposed technique has demonstrated that it is capable of increasing the gain. Using this technique not only causes the antenna gain to increase but also it leads to extending the 3-dB bandwidth of antenna and other antenna parameters as it has been mentioned in this paper. Hence, the elliptical microstrip patch antenna is designed for wireless communication application that operates at 2.45 GHz with its physical dimension (length of 138.143 mm, width of 138.143 mm and height of 3.245 mm) and its parameters (directivity of about 8.28 dBi, gain of 8.1 dB and return loss of -17.85 dB). The commercial electromagnetic software such as CST Microwave Studio has been used to analyse simulations and design structures of antenna.

Keywords: Elliptical Microstrip Patch Antenna (EMSA); Gain; Slit-Slot Rectangular and C shaped slit Microstrip Patch Antenna; Coaxial Fed