Abstract: Nowadays, outsourcing the data to the cloud server is a natural activity auctioned by several cloud users. The outsourced data may contain sensitive information. The cloud technologies are very much improved that attracts many Location based Services companies. The overall theme of the cloud data resides at the distant server is to be managed with minimal computation by data owner and data users. The data is hired away in encrypted form to prevent anonymity activities. Reach ability is one of the issues faced between cloud users and LBS companies. Accessible encryption is a procedure to perform significant questions on encoded information without uncovering protection. Be that as it may, geometric range look on spatial information has not been completely examined nor bolstered by existing accessible encryption plans. In this we plan a symmetric-key accessible encryption conspire that can bolster geometric range inquiries on encoded spatial information. One of our real commitments is that our outline is a general approach, which can bolster diverse sorts of geometric range questions. At the end of the day, our outline on encrypted information is free from the states of geometric range questions. In addition, we additionally expand our plan with the extra utilization of tree structures to accomplish look multifaceted nature that is speedier than linear.

Keywords: Spatial data, geometric range queries, encrypted data, privacy