Abstract: Network causes most of the problems of coverage due to random deployment of sensor nodes in Wireless sensor network. Severe coverage problems occur because of death nodes and serious coverage overlapping which degrade the network performance. In the proposed work, we have developed algorithm taking limited mobility of nodes, area of coverage overlapping and calculating high dense region in the area of network. For repairing the hole area of death node we have developed algorithm to select node in higher overlapped area who knows the its neighbor nodes as death node among other neighbor node which will be ready to move in the hole area without losing its connectivity and coverage with the existing nodes in that area. This cause moderate consumption of energy and increase the coverage of network despite of losing significant amount of energy. We have observe that proposed work has shown the increase of coverage area of network, significant decrement in overlapping area which causes because of random deployment, most effective ratio of recovered hole area in the scenarios.

Keywords: Wireless sensor networks, density control, coverage, mobility, hole repair.