Abstract: Human foot takes a lot of weight, the actual mass of the human body and the downward force on the human feet due to the gravitational pull [1]. Most foot pain is the result of faulty relationship between the bones and the muscles of the foot caused by very high pressure exertions at particular points of the foot. It is very essential to monitor the actual pressure at points on the foot and there is a need for custom made orthotics. As the subjected feet rests on the orthotics it is gently and consistently directed in to the correct position during walking, running and standing. In this paper, we have briefly explained the concept of monitoring of pressure points of the foot using android application. Force sensors are used to monitor the force per unit area at different pressure points of interest on the foot. The region on the foot which has to be subjected to lesser pressure or corrected is noted and a custom made orthotics is used as the shoe sole. It is blessing in disguise to diabetic patients to monitor and correct every foot movement.

Keywords: Diabetic patients, EEPROM, Bluetooth module (HC-05) and monitoring of pressure points of the foot using android application