Abstract: : Generally, humans are suffered from various types of diseases. In recent years most of the people affected by cancer. Image processing is the key stage to recover the cancer patients at an early stage. The exact position of the tumor and thrombus using image processing techniques are found. According to the location of the tumor and thrombus, various diagnostic techniques are used. Various image processing techniques are helpful to automatically identify the intracardiac masses such as tumor and thrombus present in the heart. In this paper, various classification algorithms, various segmentation techniques, various denoising methods are analyzed. The comparative study was taken from various locations of the tumor and thrombus, present in the humanís heart. Similarly, this paper gives the usage of different segmentation techniques and denoising approaches. In this study gives the knowledge about various filters, for reducing the noise in the images.

Keywords: Classification, intracardiac masses, sparse representation, tumor, denoising filters, thrombus.