Abstract: Trustworthiness in public transport is of great importance today. Citizens who uses public buses waste a lot of time waiting for the bus at bus stop. In daily operation of a bus system, the movement of buses is affected by unknown conditions as the day progresses such as traffic or dispatching buses at irregular time from the depo. If people travelling by bus get exact location of bus and the approximate arrival time based on normal traffic conditions and also the count of passengers in bus it will increase the trustworthiness in the public transport. This paper proposes a system to track public bus using GPS (Global Positioning System), tell the count of number of passengers in bus and also the estimated time arrival to the user. The Location of Bus can be tracked by public using Android Application. The Android application will also contain the details of all the bus like Bus number, Bus routes, Bus Stops, Bus timings or the frequency.

Keywords: Internet of things, IR sensors, GPS, GPRS, public transport, bus tracking, Android