Abstract: As of late, there has been a blast of enthusiasm for mining time series databases. Similarly, as with most software engineering issues, a portrayal of the information is the way to productive and viable arrangements. A standout amongst the most usually utilized portrayal is a piecewise direct estimate. This depiction has been used by various investigators to help with bunch, arrangement, ordering and information sharing methodology of time arrangement information. An assortments portrayal, with few calculations, has been freely rediscovered few times. In this venture, we attempt the primary broad audit and experimental examination of all proposed methods. We demonstrate that every one of these calculations has lethal defects from an information sharing point of view. We present a novel calculation that we experimentally show to be better than all others in the writing.

Keywords: SRB, P2P, Global data, GridFTP, HYPERCBR, ADTS, GRAM, Data transfer, Java Object Router.