Abstract: Over the years the manual attendance management has been carried across most of educational institutions. To overcome the problems of manual attendance, We have developed “Android Based Attendance Management System”. Android Based Attendance Management System is based on Android, which can be implemented on any Android Phone. In This application, PHP is server side language, MySQL and PHP is used as back-end design and HTML, CSS and JavaScript are used as front-end tools. The system communicates with database residing on a remote server. It calculates automatically, the attendance percentage of students without any manual paper-based work. Managing the attendance using traditional approach is really a cumbersome process. The person has to be maintain the attendance record in registers and file using pen and paper. The problem with this approach is that it requires lots of paper which are the part of our non-renewable natural resources. We are in the age, where we have to think about sustainable development. Managing the attendance using mobile phones, provide an alternative way in this direction. Communication between teachers and the parent is also an important issue that should also be considered, because parent can only get the information about their ward after the interaction with teachers. So, we also tried to bring the system which enables parent to receive the information of their ward of regularity on daily basis.

Keywords: HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP, SMS, .Net, SQL Server.