Abstract: At this time the world must reliably use a better system for wireless network and that is the reason why it should be generally advanced to be improved the wireless network. And that due to limited range, and limits information rates in the wireless devices which have (multiple-input multiple-output) antenna is introduced to beat these limitations. This paper is focused on the MIMO executive investigation and how can increase the data rate capacity of the communication which it uses the wireless system, in addition, the basic thoughts on SISO, SIMO and MISO framework. It allows numerous receiving devices on the sending side and the receiving side to provide various possibilities in the center of the transmitting and receiving end for radio connections. The (multiple-input multiple-output) MIMO to perform the multiplexing gain, Finally, these systems are run in MATLAB-2013 and reenacted hypothetical sequences of SISO and MIMO, have collapsed and looked through QPSK regulation procedures using.