Abstract: : Today the world is rapidly changing the statement “We are in the world” to “world is in our hand”. Today is the World of technology. Information technology is the technology used to store, manipulate, distribute or create information. All these activities are handled by the System Administrator. In the previous system they can store the Activity of the one system and monitor on one machine so the proposed of previous system we can develop a Virtual Desktop system. A System Administrator is a person who manages a computer network. He maintains and manages all the machines in the network, usually a LAN or Local Area Network. The machines may be server machine or client terminals. The System Administrator deals with various operations while monitoring/network. He has to physically as well as logically keep a check on all the machines in a network. So, the job of administrator increases. They should know all the details of the client. Our system, Virtual Desktop helps the System for Administrator to monitoring the network and the clients in it. The Virtual Desktop is a fast, easy and efficient way for Administrator check and Monitor the clients Machine.

Keywords: LAN, Wifi, Remote retrieval.