Abstract: A collision warning scheme is one which makes use of data, including communication between vehicles, to enhance vehicle safety and warn drivers of potentially dangerous situations. The propose systems have mostly been cast-off to provide warning information for the driver and do not suggest possible actions. These systems notify the following vehicle about the potential collision condition, but do not provide rerouting selections for the driver which can help avoid traffic congestion. The propose system ant colony based decision making algorithm provides an alternative route for vehicles approaching the accident location in order to decrease waiting and travel time and avoid traffic path. The ant colony algorithm is one of the best decision-making methods for a select the best path rerouting system in VANET. The decision-making system to avoid the congestion path to select the best routing path. This algorithm vehicle send request messages to other vehicles in order to find out about traffic congestion based on the responses message. The propose ant colony algorithm there is no need to continue sending redundant messages and this reduces channel bandwidth by not sending unnecessary messages. The specific “resending” accident messages alongside the propagating messages for one hop by receivers in order to make sure that all needed vehicles are aware of the accident and can take action to reroute to avoid the traffic jam caused by the accident.

Keywords: VANET – Vehicle Ad-hoc Networks, OBU - On-Board Units, RSU- Road Side Units.