Abstract: With the progression of digital data exchange in electronic way, network security has become an important issue. Encryption algorithm plays a major role in the information security systems. The main objective of encryption algorithms is to protect data and information in order to achieve privacy. Encryption is the process of encoding plain text into cipher text. Encryption algorithms are mainly divided into two categories which are symmetric and asymmetric key encryption algorithm. In Symmetric key encryption, both sender and receiver uses the same key whereas, in asymmetric key encryption, both sender and receiver uses the different keys.DES is a strong block cipher encryption standard that operates on a 64-bits plain text block and returns a 64-bits cipher text. The DES algorithm provides security against various attacks in an effective, efficient and essential way by implementing security parameter counting Confidentiality, Authentication, accountability, and accuracy. In this paper we discussed about various encryption technique for secure data transmission and also compare different encryption techniques like AES, RSA, DES and Triple DES on the basis of various parameters, here we also suggested to encrypt text data using DES algorithm using random key generation to improve strength of encryption algorithm.

Keywords: Encryption, plain text, cipher text, confidentiality, accountability, accuracy, authenticity, DES, RSA, AES.