Abstract: The wireless sensor networks, because of its low cost and easy communications are used in many supervisory activities of various environments. As such networks have a short lifetime, in order to more usage and increasing the lifetime, researchers are looking for methods by which they can reduce the energy consumption. Clustering methods and optimization algorithms such as genetic and bee colony algorithm are techniques that can increase the network lifetime. In this paper, the genetic algorithm is used to improve the clustering process of nodes in wireless sensor networks and to find an optimum route as well as improving the route of transition through nodes; the bee colony algorithm is applied. To propose the suggested algorithm, the wireless sensor network is divided into cells with variable size. Cells area is investigated in normal mode and compression and energy consumption is being evaluated in various sizes of the cell. After simulation, it is observed that the results of suggested method have a significant improvement in terms of energy consumption compared to other methods.

Keywords: Increase of network lifetime, Clustering, Wireless sensor networks, Bees colony algorithm, Genetic algorithm.